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PRIVACY POLICY The Prospect Farm’s Privacy Policy details the information collected from Users when they access the Application/Website.
This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of access and usage of the Application/Website, as well as the corresponding The Prospect Farm profiles by the Users, who are also subject to it. Review all of the aspects detailed in this Privacy Policy and in the Terms of Use, and ensure you are in agreement before using the Application/Website’s services.
Number 1: DATA GATHERING FROM USERS AND PROVIDERS We will request personal information to identify you as a user (personal and business information), or to allow us to contact you when necessary to provide a service or complete a transaction previously requested by you. Collected data may include: User: • Sports infomation. • Personal infomation. • Full name. • Email. • Country – State and/or Region. • Telephone numbers. • Address. • Parental information. • Personal password.
Number 2: INFORMATION USAGE The information gathered in The Prospect Farm will be used for the operation of the site and to provide the services or perform the requested or authorized transactions.
The information can be used to provide you with important information regarding the product or service you are utilizing. Additionally, with your consent, we can send you information about other products and services.
Number 3: PROTECTION OF DATA In so far as the user makes legal use of the resources provided by The Prospect Farm, the company comits to not disclosing or giving express permission to employ the information it obtains from the user in the completion of a transaction and assures that the data supplied in the described manner, will only be used by the company for the purposes of providing the service acquired by the user. All the information we collect is used with the SOLE purposes of contact and identity verification.
Number 4: SECURITY OF DATA In order to prevent the unauthorized access to your data, maintain the integrity of the data, and ensure the adequate use of the information, we have implemented physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and protect the information gathered through this Application /Website.
Number 5: ABOUT COOKIES Our Application/Website uses "cookies" files to help personalize your online experience, for example, in recognizing frequent visitors. You have the option of accepting or refusing the cookies. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can generally modify your browser’s configuration to reject cookies. If you choose to reject the cookies, you might miss out on some of our Application/Website’s attractive features or some of your services.
Number 6: CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY We will occasionally make reforms to this Privacy Policy to reflect internal and user observations. When you use the Application/Website, you are expressing your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. GET IN TOUCH In case of having questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us through our Application/Website or through email, at the following address: CHEMA@THEPROSPECTFARM.COM. All rights reserved.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS This document establishes the “Terms and Conditions” (“the contract”) that manage and regulate the use of the services offered by The Prospect Farm (henceforth, “The Services”) within the platform or mobile application (henceforth, “Application/Website”). Read this contract thoroughly before using the Application/Website or the Services and if you are not in agreement, do not use any of the services or the Application/Website as, when you use these, you are accepting to abide by the terms of this contract.
This Application/Website is property of The Prospect Farm, who may review and modify the terms of this contract at any time, by updating this page. You should visit this page periodically to review the current Terms and Conditions.
The services are limited to putting at the disposal of any student (henceforth, “User” or “Users”), a virtual space that allows them to get in touch with universities and thus, offer and follow up on sports scholarships. The Prospect Farm works only and exclusively as a link or intermediary and should not be considered a company that grants scholarships directly, at any time.
USE OF CONTENT. The Prospect Farm authorizes the access and use of the Platform and content, as well as the download and printing of the content available on the Application/Website, only and exclusively for personal use and, under no circumstance, for commercial use. The Platform’s content, such as graphics, software, logos, brand, name, text, audio files, images, designs, icons, and other type of unspecified content, are protected under the laws of intellectual and industrial property, and other regulations and current laws.
All of the content in The Prospect Farm’s Platforms is exclusive property of the company, or the content creators.
For this reason, no part of the present contract will grant any right to the brand, copyright or other rights relating to the industrial or intellectual property of the Application/Website, except for the limited right to use the services for which said platform was created, as stated in this contract, which you automatically accept, when using the provided services.
It is absolutely prohibited to use the content of The Prospect Farm’s Application/Website, as in doing so, you may infringe the intellectual or industrial property laws and regulations.
USE OF SERVICES. The Prospect Farm is an Application/Website for connecting students (each a “User”), who seek sports scholarships. The Company reviews the background of every scholarship option through third-party background check services; however, the Company does and will not guarantee, as well as it does not and will not make any kind of representation about the reliability, the quality or the qualifications of said scholarships. Additionally, The Prospect Farm does not guarantee in any way that the user/athlete will receive a scholarship through the use of our services. The Company will not be responsible, as far as the applicable law dictates, for any damage claims that may arise with the use of the Application/Website or the Application between a user and a professional. The Company will not be responsible for the behaviour of any User of the Application or the Website.
OBLIGATIONS. The Prospect Farm commits to keeping the Application/Website functioning and without errors. The responsibility in case of failures to access or input information to the Application/Website due to any software employed by the user to do so, as offeror or requestor of services, will rest with the user. • Be it false or deceitful. • Be it discriminatory, offensive, vulgar, defamatory, perverse or obscene, or potentially encouraging discrimination, hatred or violence against a group or an individual because of their race, religion, origin, country, ethnic group, gender or sexual orientation or disability. • Affects the intimacy of an individual. • Affects the public order. • Violates the legal provisions regarding the press or the protection of minors. • Or another medium that harms third parties.
USER-SPECIFIC CONDITIONS. Number 1. GENERAL STATEMENT. You, as user of services (“user”) state your acceptance of these User-Specific Conditions (“User-Specific Conditions”) when registering to our Application/Website as users of services. Likewise, you state that you have read and accept this contract, available on our Application/Website. This contract shall rule in all the services you demand from the moment of your registration in the Application/Website.
Number 2. REGISTRATION The data provided at the time of registration as user of our Application/Website, is very important; therefore, it must be truthful, verifiable, authentic, complete and correct. For this reason, you assume the commitment of informing us of any relevant changes. When registering, you are stating that you have read and accept this Contract and will follow all the points detailed here. At the registration, you will be provided with a strictly personal username and password that you are committed to keeping confidential.
Number 3. PRIVATE CLIENT DATA We will keep the data provided by the user completely private and are committed to following the applicable legislation regarding the protection of the provided data. We will not divulge your registration as a user to any third party without your approval, unless it is required by law or permitted by the terms of this contract. With the objective of maintaining the Application/Website’s integrity, we reserve the right to forward contact data to any regulating authorities when required, police authority included. We may also send contact data when a complaint or claim arises regarding your usage of the Application/Website and when said usage is considered to be incompatible with the present contract.
Number 4. YOUR OBLIGATIONS AS A USER At the time of registration as USER of our Application/Website, you declare that you will be professional, authentic, and will abide by the terms of this contract. Be responsible with the services you demand, as you reserve the right to eliminate your user account if you so choose. The user accepts that their profile be public and visible to all of the Application/Website users. It is strictly prohibited to exchange telephone, e-mail or any other means of communication besides the Application/Website. The lack of intermediary between a provider and a user they may have contacted through the Application/Website may represent the blocking of the provider’s access to the platform without any damage.
Number 5. CONFIDENTIALITY You are responsible for maintaining the confidential character of the agreed-upon (prices), and for maintaining any negotiation, other data related to it or that otherwise relates to this Contract, strictly confidential, and are not to reveal that information to any third party.
Number 6. LIMITED LIABILITY The Prospect Farm will not be liable to you or to third parties for the withholding by the Providers of any hired service, lost profit, business losses, costs of services of replacement or losses or damages and indirect harm or its derivatives of any kind, whatever its cause. The Prospect Farm acts as mere intermediary for the exchange of complaints, reports and does not assume any responsibility in the matter.
Number 7. PENALTY, SUSPENSION, EXPULSION AND RESOLUTION The Prospect Farm reserves the right of admission and suspension of services demanded by you and/or all access granted, in case of reasonable basis to suspect that what was agreed in this contract, is being infringed. You will be expelled and banned from using the Application/Website and the services. It will be through a written notification (including email communication) sent by us if you do not follow the provisions in this contract or other policies. In these cases, we will have the right to accelerate the termination of the full amount owed and to perceive all the costs and legal expenses incurred. On the resolution or conclusion of this contract, all the licenses and rights granted to the user will be terminated, as will be any access granted by you, regarding the platforms or Services. All rights reserved.

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