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SOCCER | 2025 | CB / RB/LB
RIGHT | H/W: 5'10"/135 Lbs

Player Information

DOB : 4/24/2007
Graduation Year : 2025
Country : United States
State : Puerto Rico


Mauro J Hernandez #29 Games October 6 and 8 2023 Left Side Defense Win 5 to 2 MSA VS Bairo FC and Win 4 to 2 MSA VS Edu Soccer Some of my 180 minutes in 2 games thsi weekend of October 6 and 8 2023. Mauro J Hernandez Garrido # 29 Mirabelli Soccer Academy #persistencepaysoff #mr29 #Abayarde #puertorico #fútbolpuertorico

Mauro Hernandez #29 Highlights November 12 2023 Win "Festival of passes" Mirabelli (WIN) VS Caguas Sporting #abayarde #fútbolpuertorico #persistencepaysoff #puertorico #abayarde #mr29 #ecedaofutbolpr #maurofutbolpr #fpfpuertorico

@ExactSports Tampa Boys Showcase 2023 @maurofutbolpr #621 Monday 20 2023 Excellent experience

Scouting Report

SAT Score: | TOEFL: | Major Desired:
Enrrollment Year: 2025 | Graduation Year: 2025 | ACT:

Address : urb Dos Rios calle 1 P2 Toa Baja PR 00949

Personal Message

Greetings, my name is Mauro J. Hernandez Garrido, and I am from Puerto Rico. My goal at this moment is to continue developing my knowledge and to be able to obtain an athletic scholarship for soccer at the university level. My favorite subjects have always been math and science, but I am still in the search of identifying which college career I will choose according to my interests. I started playing soccer at the age of 5 when I was in a summer camp and from there my passion for the sport of soccer was born. From that moment I started at the Mirabelli Soccer Academy Club, which I currently belong to at the age of 16. The positions I have played during all these years have been Left End, Center Back, Left and Right Back and Midfielder, but currently I play the position of “defensive midfielder”, but I have the ability to play in any position and adapt easily. When I was 15 years old, I wanted to be a more complete soccer player and I was selected to be part of the Boarding School Program of sports at the Albergue Olimpico in my country, Puerto Rico. This is a school specialized in sports in which, in addition to receiving academic classes, you also receive sports training. Currently, I am in my second year at the specialized school, and I am in my 11th grade. In the program we work on technical, mental, tactical, physical aspects, among others. We work two sessions a day, the first one is from 6 am to 9:30 am, then we have two sessions a day, the second one is from 6 am to 9:30 am, then I take classes from 12 pm to 4 pm and to finish my second training is from 4:30 pm to 6:15 pm, very similar to a university life. As a player I consider myself intelligent, a leader on the field, versatile, physically very prepared, technically and tactically well-developed and one of my best qualities is my communication and understanding on the field. I work hard under pressure being a starter in my team and in my school and I consider myself one of the best 2025 players in my country. Throughout my soccer career I have trained and played in different places as follows are: > (2017, Orlando) ESPN Wide World of Sport Tournament at Walt Disney World Resort, Club Mirabelli Soccer Academy in the U11 category, being in 3rd place. > (2021, Puerto Rico) Trainning sessions in Sime soccer academy > (2023, Spain) Costa Blanca Cup Tournament in Valencia, Spain, coming in third place in the U15 category with ECEDAO. > (2023, Spain) Tranning sessions in Levante UD (Global Football Total Camp) With ECEDAO Thank you for taking the time to view my profile, I hope you liked it and have taken me into consideration.I have some goals set in my life that I would like to achieve, and I understand that this is the best opportunity and place to do it. I will achieve it with God's help! Thank you, Mauro…

10471 W 34 CT HIALEAH FL 33018
+507 6108-8826