Top RHP from JUCO Alfredo Silva joins The Prospect Farm

jThe Prospect Farm has always identified themselves for having top talent, but Alfredo Silva just elevated that to another level.

The RHP who first attended NAIA program St. Mary and now is attending Golden West College sits constantly in the 88-90 mph range with a lot of upside still. Alfredo showcases a very sharp curveball and a very solid change up that he can throw in all counts. His FB from from over the top but he can drop his arm angle at times and gain a lot of run to it into the righty hitters.

Currently he is being used mostly as a reliever and closer, but he has the ability to throw a lot of innings and get starts as well.

We believe he is going to be a D1 athlete and will end up playing at that level not only because of his baseball skills, but also because of the level of the good results he has put in the classroom.

We look forward to seeing him excel this year and put the numbers he is capable of in order to move on to the college’s highest ranks.