The Prospect Farm Adds pair of Arms for 2019 class

We are always excited when we get to add talent to our family.

This time its no different. We have been able to add LHP Matthew Makeover from Terra as well as  RHP Brandon Marin from St. Brendan HS.

Brandon is a RHP with a low 80′s FB and a good feel for an off speed pitch. He went through a small injury last year and is now getting back into things to build up strength and consistency. He has the body and projection to throw into the mid 80′s with easy and be a very effective pitcher at the next level.

Matthew is a LHP that throws high 70′s to low 80′s but can absolutely pitch. He can hit all spots with a FB that runs well away from righties and a curveball he can throw in all counts. Doesn’t walk many people and can throw a lot of innings. Matthew is very tall and lanky which gives him a lot of potential to add some MPH to his FB and allow him to continue to grow as a players.

We look forward to both of these players having an outstanding Senior Year and moving on to the next level.